It's that time of year again! Service is on sale!

Whether your bike needs a basic tune-up or a full overhaul, JRABS has you covered. Just bring your bike(s) in, and we'll give you a free estimate explaining everything that your bike needs. Of course, if you just can't make it to the Shop, you can still purchase service at *. Simply use the promo code EARLY BIRD at checkout, and the discount will be applied. Keep reading for more info!

Now through December 31 Save 25% on all labor!
(and save 10% on parts and accessories**)

January - Save20% on all labor!
(and save 5% on parts and accessories**)

February - Save15%on all labor!

March - Save10%on all labor!

April - Save5%on all labor!

May - regular prices resume through November.

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Can't decide? No problem! Just come in with your bike, and we'll go over everything with you! But, if you'd like to check things out on your own, you can check out our most popular
maintenance packages:

Level 1 Tune-Up with Drive-Train Cleaning- Our most popular package, and what most avid riders need!
Level 1 Tune-Up- Our basic tune-up and best value!
Level 1 Overhaul- Ride 4,000+ miles per year? You need this!

Here's our complete list of Maintenance Packages (tune-ups), if you'd rather browse . . .

*Purchase is for deposit and scheduling purposes. Once online purchase is made, bicycle is put into work schedule. Please let us know the make/model of your bike as well as any requests in the Notes during online checkout. Once bicycle is brought to JRABS, we may determine that either more or less work must be performed. Price does not include any parts.
**Excluding Garmin products.